Final Reflection

One Education professor I had loved one particular phrase and tried to relate everything back to it: Productive Struggle. In mathematics education, productive struggle is fighting with a problem until that one method finally clicks and you say “oh, I get it now”. If only that’s how things actually worked, right? This project has been […]

Crunch Time Masterpost

Okay, I’m going to write out the process of the last two weeks of this project. Ready? aaaaand…. GO! Voiceovers We weren’t able to get nice voiceovers from the Speaking Center, which is fair. Everyone is busy and has their own stuff going on. However, this meant that the artifact videos had to be made […]

The internet just keeps happening

I think that the simplest way to describe the changes in digital history over the last 20 years can be summed up in one sentence: “‘Web Site Reviews’ first appeared in the June 2001 issue of the Journal of American History and became ‘Digital History Reviews’ in the September 2013 issue”. The trend has been […]

Prepare to learn a lot about 360 hotspots

SO if you’re not HIP and IN THE KNOW, the James Monroe group is creating a 360 video tour, timeline, spotlight videos, QR codes, and website for the james monroe museum. my main job is figuring out the technology part of the 360 degree tour. Originally, we were going to use ThinkLink. It was super […]

Monroe update

Our group has been greatly productive. We went to the museum, got all of our filming and principle photography done, and I’ve started to work on hotspots. I think that the timeline and research group is doing well, but we could do better in regards to our communication. We’re making good progress all in all. […]

Updates and Challenges

This week, we submitted the draft of our contract. Our challenges with that seem to be specificity, we need to add much more detail to what we will be doing and how we will be doing it. As far as the project itself, we weren’t able to get a 360 camera from where we thought. […]

Monroe Museum Week 2 Discussion

This week’s internet roundup was similar to last week’s for us. Our project seems relatively unique in that we won’t be categorizing artifacts or sorting through primary source data. In that, we found some common threads in the digital projects this week. The Lincoln website completely didn’t work, while the Residential Schools site was fluid […]

Tool Roundup Part 2

Alright let’s get this done: I’ve worked with both StorymapJS and TimelineJS before, and they’re fine. TimelineJS is clunky to learn but after trying it out once or twice it’s easily workable. For the James Monroe Museum, I could see using either Storymap or Timeline in order to create an interactive timeline of the Biography […]

Yeah, websites are cool and all

I found that in searchingI liked the projects that were more interactive such as the Emilie Davis Diaries and the First Days Project. There were engaging reads, such as Black Perspectives and History of the National Mall. I found that I could appreciate the detail in something like The Great Molasses Flood, but the event itself and […]